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Title:Manual of Steel Construction: Allowable Stress Design Author:  AISC Manual Committee Steel Designer

Title:Steel Designer's Manual, 5th Edition Author: Steel Construction Institute Staff 

Title:Manual of Steel Construction Load and Resistance Factor Design: Structural Members, Specifications and Codes Author:William A. Thornton,Louis F. Geschwindner,Barry L. Barger,Roger Brockenbrough,Cynthia J. Zahn
Steel Detailers
Title:Steel Detailers' Manual Author:  Alan Hayward,Frank Weare

Title:Fundamental Structural Steel Design - ASD: Solutions Manual Author:  Thomas Burns

Title:  Manual of Steel Construction, Load and Resistance Factor Design: Connections Author:  William A. Thornton,Louis F. Geschwindner,Roger Brockenbrough,Cynthia J. Zahn,Barry L. Banger

Title:  Steel Products Manual Author:  Iron & Steel Society (Editor)

Steel Designers Title:  Steel Designers' Manual Author:  Graham W. Owens,Peter R. Knowles (Editor)

Title:  Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures: ASCE Manual and Report on Engineering Practice, No. 72 Author:  American Society of Civil Engineers (Editor)

Title:  Guide for Design of Steel Transmission Towers Author:  American Society Of Civil Engineers (Editor)

Title:Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards: U.S.A., United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Canada, Australia, International Author:  Albert S. Melilli (Editor
Steel - a Handbook for Materials Research and Engineering: Applications Title:  Steel - a Handbook for Materials Research and Engineering: Applications Author:  Verein D. Eisenhuttenleute (Editor)

Title:  Steel - a Handbook for Materials Research and Engineering: Fundamentals Author:  Verein D. Eisenhuttenleute (Editor)

Title:  Steel Manual Author:  German Iron Steel Institute Staff (Editor)

Title:  Steel Pipe: A Guide for Design and Installation/M11 Author:  American Water Works Association (Editor)

Title:  Steel Products Manual; Carbon, High Strength Low Alloy, and Alloy Author:  Harold M. Cobb

Title:  Steel Products Manual; Rolled Floor Plates, Carbon, High Strength Low Alloy, and Alloy Steel Author:  Iron & Steel Society (Editor)

Title:  Steel Strucs Painting Manual Author:  John D. Keane (Editor)

Title:  Steel Structures Painting Manual: Good Painting Practice Author:  John D. Keane (Editor)

Title:  Steel Structures Painting Manual: Systems and Specifications Author:  Steel Structures Painting Council (Editor)

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Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook Highway Materials, Soils, and Concretes Advances in Cement and Concrete: Proceedings of an Engineering Foundation Conference July 24-29, 1994 New England Center, University of New Hampshir Concrete Materials and Structures: A University Civil Engineering Text Concrete Structures in Earthquake Regions Roller-Compacted Concrete Dams Steel, Concrete and Composite Design of Tall Buildings Automation and Logistics in Precast Concrete Advances in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete: Proceedings on the 3rd RILEM International Symposium on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete - Zurich Switzerland 14-16 October 1992 Analysis and Design of High-Rise Concrete Buildings Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete II : Proceedings of an Engineering Foundation Conference, Trout Lodge, Potosi, Missouri, June 14-19, 199 Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete III: Proceedings of an Engineering Foundation Conference, Swabian Conference Center, Irsee, Germany June 9-14, 1996 Composite Steel and Concrete Structural Members: Fundamental Behaviour Concrete Materials and Structures: A University Civil Engineering Text Concrete Beams with Openings; Analysis and Design Concreting Deep Lifts and Large Volume Pours Encyclopedia of Architecture: Design Engineering and Construction: Aalto, Alvar to Concrete - General Principles
Now, with all of its five volumes completed, Encyclopedia of Architecture will surely become the standard in the field. Its broad coverage focuses on architectural processes and design, materials, construction methods and management but also encompasses, biographies of leading architects, architectural history, articles on architectural aesthetics, literature and criticism, listings on current laws and regulations, and information on leading firms and schools. Includes 3,000 illustrations and 500 tables. The Encyclopedia has been sponsored by the American Institute of Architects.

Encyclopedia of Architecture Design, Engineering and Construction: Concrete-Lightweight Aggregates to Hunt, Richard Morris Vol. 2
Author:  Joseph A. Wilkes (Editor),Robert T. Packard (Editor)
Publisher:  Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Date Published:  November 1988 Fibre Reinforcing Plastic for Concrete Structures: Properties and Applications Fracture and Size Effect in Concrete and Other Quasibrittle Materials Introduction to Prestressed Concrete Launched Bridges: Prestressed Concrete Bridges Built on the Ground and Launched into their Final Position Limit Analysis and Concrete Plasticity Materials: Performance and Prevention of Deficiencies and Failures: Proceedings of the Materials Engineering Congress
Author:  Thomas D. White (Editor) Mechanics of Materials and Structures Numerical Modelling and Capacity Design of Earthquake-Resistant Reinforced Concrete Walls
Author:  Peter Linde Pipelines in the Constructed Environment: Proceedings of the 1998 Pipeline Division Conference August 23-27, 1998 San Diego, California
Author:  American Society of Civil Engineers Pipelin,Joseph P. Castronovo (Editor),James Anthony Clark (Editor)
Publisher:  Am Soc Civ
Date Published:  August 1998 Plastic Analysis of Concrete Frames; (with Particular Reference to Limit States Design)
Author:  MilGik TichGy,Josef RGakosnGik
Publisher:  Scholium International, Incorporated
Date Published:  January 1977 Precast Piling Practice
Author:  Bengt Baltzar Broms
Publisher:  American Society of Civil Engineers
Date Published:  June 1981 Predicted and Measured Behavior of Five Spread Footings on Sand: Results of a Spread Footing Prediction Symposium
Author:  Jean-Louis Briaud (Editor),Robert M. Gibbens (Editor),Albert F. DiMillio (Introduction),Preface by Vijay Vijayvergiya,Produced by The Federal Highway Admin.
Publisher:  Am Soc Civ
Date Published:  January 1994 Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Design; The Complete Process
Author:  E. O'Brien,E. C'Brien,With A. Dixon
Publisher:  Addison Wesley Longman Limited
Date Published:  January 1995 Roller Compacted Concrete III
Author:  Francis G. McLean,Kenneth D. Hansen (Editor)
Publisher:  Am Soc Civ
Date Published:  January 1992 Small Concrete Dams Standard Practice for Direct Design of Buried Precast Concrete Pipe Using Standard Installations
Author:  American Society of Civil Engineers
Publisher:  Am Soc Civ
Date Published:  June 1994 Standard Practice for Shotcrete: Technical Engineering and Design Guides as Adapted from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Steel Concrete Structures for Multistorey Buildings
Author:  Juraj KozGak
Publisher:  Elsevier Science
Date Published:  January 1991 Steel Corrosion in Concrete: Fundamentals in Civil Engineering Practice
Author:  Arnon Bentur,N. Berke,With S. Diamond
Publisher:  Routledge
Date Published:  September 1997 Tunnels with in-Situ Pressed Concrete Lining
Author:  Ya I. Marennyi,Ryszard B. Zeidler (Editor)
Publisher:  Ashgate Publishing Company
Date Published:  September 1993 Alternative Materials for the Reinforcement and Prestressing of Concrete Coatings for Concrete and Cathodic Protection Collapse Load Design of Slab-Beam Systems
Author:  Marek KwieciGnski
Publisher:  Prentice Hall
Date Published:  January 1989 Competitive Pipe Markets; Plastic, Composite, Metal, Clay, and Concrete
Author:  Edge Reports Leading (Editor)
Publisher:  Leading Edge Reports
Date Published:  January 1993 Concrete Bridge Engineering: Performance and Advances
Author:  Spon
Publisher:  Elsevier Science
Date Published:  April 1998 Concrete Design
Author:  Fagundo
Publisher:  PWS Publishing
Date Published:  January 1996 Concrete Pavements
Author:  A. F. Stock
Publisher:  Elsevier Science
Date Published:  January 1988 Concrete Structures: Stresses and Deformations
Author:  A. Ghali,R. Favre
Publisher:  Routledge
Date Published:  October 1994 Concrete Testing
Author:  Aberdeen Group
Publisher:  Aberdeen Group
Date Published:  May 1983 Creep and Shrinkage: Their Effect on the Behavior of Concrete Structures
Author:  Hubert RFusch,Dieter Jungwirth,Hubert K. Hilsdorf
Publisher:  Springer-Verlag New York, Incorporated
Date Published:  January 1983 Design of Concrete Buildings for Earthquake and Wind Forces
Author:  S. K. Ghosh,August W. Domel
Publisher:  Portland C
Date Published:  January 1992 Design of Fastenings in Concrete: Design Guide
Author:  Staff CEB
Publisher:  Am Soc Civ
Date Published:  May 1997 Design of Low-Rise Concrete Buildings for Earthquake Forces
Author:  David Anthony Fanella,Javeed A. Munshi
Publisher:  Portland C
Date Published:  February 1998 Designing for Creep and Shrinkage in Concrete Structures: A Tribute to Adrian Pauw
Author:  Adrian Pauw Symposium On Designing For Creep & Shrinkage
Publisher:  Books on Demand
Date Published:  January 1982 Engineering Properties of Asphalt Mixtures and the Relationship to Performance
Author:  Gerald A. Huber (Editor),Dale S. Decker (Editor)
Publisher:  American Society for Testing & Materials
Date Published:  January 1995 Epoxy Insection
Author:  Aberdeen Group
Publisher:  Aberdeen G
Date Published:  January 1998 Fibre Reinforced Materials: Design and Engineering Applications
Author:  Institution of Civil Engineers Staff (Editor)
Publisher:  Am Soc Civ
Date Published:  January 197

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